2017 November

Experience the Scent-sational Effects of Flowers

From fragrant roses to aromatic lilacs, flowers not only smell great and add a punch of color to any room, but they may be good for one’s health. How? They can encourage feelings of happiness, perhaps as a result of both their natural beauty and fragrance. Flowers also may foster creativity, boost energy, diminish feelings of depression, and allay anxiety.

You don’t have to spend a fortune either to get the benefits. If you don’t grow your own, your local supermarket is likely to carry affordable arrangements and individual flowers. You also could go to a pick-your-own flower farm. Being outside in the fresh air and plucking your favorite flowers is enjoyable and highly relaxing.

Concerned about sneeze-inducing scents? There are many beautiful flowers such as hydrangeas and geraniums that are ideal for allergy sufferers.

If you know someone who suffers from allergies, urge them to see us. We’ve helped many by reducing stress to their nervous system.

An Adjustment May Yield Big Benefits for Baby

Cramped and confined for nine months, a baby goes through a lot to enter the world. Birth interventions such as forceps and vacuum extraction can be particularly traumatic for a baby. However, even an uneventful birth process can be hard on a baby’s neck and spine.

Did you know that a highly gentle and simple adjustment on a newborn could be incredibly beneficial? Only slight pressure — the amount used to check a tomato for ripeness — is applied to adjust an infant.

An adjustment may help to reduce any nerve interference that resulted from the birth process to help Baby experience better health.

By getting your baby adjusted shortly after birth, you may help your child get off to a healthier start in life. Chiropractic care may help with common childhood conditions such as colic, ear infections and more. Contact our practice today to learn more.

Discover the Marvelous Benefits of Massage

While massage is often associated with a tranquil trip to the spa, it also yields an incredible array of health benefits — not to mention pain relief. These may include:

• Increased circulation
• Decreased stress
• Enhanced sleep
• Lowered blood pressure
• Greater range of motion
• Increased energy

Some studies also suggest that massage may boost individuals’ white blood cell count, which can help the body fend off disease. There are many different types of massage including deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and trigger point. Depending on the type you request, varying degrees of pressure are used.

Massage also serves as an ideal complement to chiropractic care. If a massage is given before an adjustment, it can help to relax tight muscles. Given after an adjustment, massage could help the alignment to hold longer. Consider having a massage both before and after your next adjustment so you can experience the pre and post benefits.

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